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Mobile Business Cloud Service (monthly):
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ProductUOMBusiness SizeMonthly OrdersUnit Price
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthTinySmall - 150 orders$10.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthTinyMedium - 600 orders$30.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthTinyUnlimited$90.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthSmallSmall - 150 orders$30.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthMediumUnlimited$240.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthSmallMedium - 600 orders$90.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthSmallUnlimited$180.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthMediumSmall - 150 orders$60.00
201/Mobile Business Cloud ServiceMonthMediumMedium - 600 orders$120.00
Business sizes:
  • Tiny: employees: 1-5, and monthly sales: 0-$20,000
  • Small: employees: 6-20, or monthly sales: $20,001 - $100,000
  • Medium: employees: 21+, or monthly sales: $100,001+
Mobile Business
Mobile Business Software License (one time payment):
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You can choose to download software to use offline.

Other Services:

  • Do you need some help to build an e-commerce site on the cloud that is friendly to both desktops and mobile devices, and social media commerce?
  • For restaurant businesses, do you need solutions for customer self-ordering in restaurants, online orders and online reservations?
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