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Mobile Business

CMOBILECOM mobile business cloud:
  • Manage your businesses in one place anywhere and anytime: physical, chain, web stores, e-commerce and social media commerce.
  • Customers place orders themselves inside stores, anywhere and anytime.
  • Sales management, POS, mobile POS, e-commerce, online to offline and inventory management.
  • Manage customers, memberships and social media marketing.
  • Business rules: pricing, sales promotions, commissions and sales taxes.
  • Business reporting: sales, costs, profits, trends.
  • Restaurants: customer self-orders, online orders and online reservations.
  • Support desktops, tablets, iPad and smart phones.
  • Cloud or download software to use offline.
  • Multiple users, secure data, multiple languages.
  • Retail, wholesale, services and restaurants.
Signing up CMOBILECOM Cloud is easy and takes a few minutes only.
  1. Register an account, and check email to activate it.
  2. Create a mobile business instance.
  3. Open your bound domain, and login.

Username: demo
Password: 123456
Try desktops and mobile devices to experience how it is responsive to different devices.


If you like to install the software inside your company or your own personal computer and use it offline, you can download it. Your data will be stored in your own computer.

Add To Home Screen

To get native app experience, add the web app to Home screen on mobile devices or pin to Start menu on desktops.
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