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Cmobilecom AF Overview

Cmobilecom AF is a Java standard-based object model full-stack application framework with the mission to help developers build responsive web applications and mobile native applications quickly by writing one code focusing on application logic. It can be run as a cloud computing infrastructure on which to deploy modules supporting multitenancy.
Cmobilecom AF

Main Features

  1. One framework covers front-end, middle tier and backend.
  2. JSF 2.2 and JPA 2.1 standard based.
  3. Responsive design: Develop once, responsive to all devices.
  4. Mobile touch-optimized.
  5. Rapid ajax web application development.
  6. Object model. No tag(JSP/Facelet) pages or servlets to write.
  7. Significantly smaller JSF tree size for big pages.
  8. Unlimited levels of dialogs(dialog over dialog).
  9. Interactive entity manager and form query criteria builder.
  10. Pagination: support dynamically embedded rows.
  11. Built-in data conversion, server and client bean validations.
  12. Property annotations and custom layout.
  13. Object oriented ajax technology.
  14. User defined entity properties.
  15. Bean flow with form designs and page flow.
  16. Entity graph export and import with XML.
  17. Entity batch print with form designs.
  18. Large objects, media and responsive play widgets.
  19. Flexible module assembly and licensing control.
  20. Support multitenancy: instances comprising modules.
  21. Authentication and authorization.
  22. Entity, property and action access control.
  23. Database transparency with XML descriptors.
  24. Reporting and charting.
  25. Pluggable module development.
  26. Bookmarkable URL and URL Rewriting.
  27. Embeddable module-defined objects in web pages.
  28. Embedded objects view and ajax behavior configuration.
  29. 40+ built-in responsive UI layout and components.
  30. Ajax file upload with progress: support drag and drop.
  31. Entity list responsive layout: support table reflow, column toggle, list view and row entity view.
  32. Pluggable themes: support jQuery theme rollers.
  33. Customizable, and extensible with standard JSF UI components.
  34. Customizable platform-independent installer.

Responsive Design

Applications based on Cmobilecom AF are automatically responsive to desktop and mobile devices.

No Tag Pages for Web

With Cmobilecom AF, we write code in the way of developing native apps, but much simpler and faster. No tag pages (jsp or facelet) to write.

Reduced Tree Size for Web

A big page may have hundreds of components, but may have a small number of component types. With Cmobilecom AF, components are reused and thus tree size will be significantly reduced for big pages.

Partial Behavior

Partial behavior (ajax for web) visit targets can be described using objects instead of client id(s). Think of everything as objects.

Dialog over Dialog

With Cmobilecom AF, a dialog is an object and unlimited levels of dialogs (dialog over dialog) can be created dynamically.


Cmobilecom AF supports multitenancy as a cloud computing infrastructure: sharing single-table schema or separate schemas.


  1. Download Cmobilecom AF
  2. Install
  3. Fetch a development license from manage center.
  4. Follow developer guide, javadoc and examples to develop your own modules.


Demo: E-commerce, POS and Inventory modules
Username: demo
Password: 123456

Simple Demo: Example HR

Demo data are read only. To create and change data, create an instance on the cloud or download software to install on your own computer.

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