CMobileCom JPA

Cmobilecom JPA, a light-weight implementation of JPA 2.1 specification, supports both Java (JDBC) and Android (built-in Sqlite database).

Size: about 370K.


dependencies {
	implementation("com.cmobilecom:cmobilecom-jpa-android:${version}@aar") {
		transitive = true

	annotationProcessor "com.cmobilecom:cmobilecom-jpa-processor:$version"
dependencies {
	implementation "com.cmobilecom:cmobilecom-jpa-jdbc:$version"
	// annotation processor: generate static metamodel
	compileOnly "com.cmobilecom:cmobilecom-jpa-processor:$version"
Current version is 1.0.RC1. Developer Guide

CMobileCom AF

Cmobilecom AF is a full-stack application framework for developing Java applications by maximizing code reuse among different platforms. It is a MVC(Model/View/Controller) framework. The application logic code including model, logical view and controller is the same for all platforms and needs to be written only once. The different code is the mapping from logical view to physical view of target platforms.

Current version is 5.10. Developer Guide

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