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Cmobilecom supply chain cloud tracks and manages products from raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products through raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retail terminals and finally to customers in the global supply chain network. It provides real-time dynamic business data on various supply chain nodes upstream and downstream of products in different regions, including purchasing demands, inventory, logistics, sales, and after-sales services, and provides real-time data support for enterprise supply chain optimization, supply chain automation and global rapid decision-making.
  • Business User

    A business user can join Supply Chain representing a business entity, and create a supply chain node.
  • Employee User

    An employee user can access supply chain nodes with roles assigned by business users.
  • Consumer User

    A consumer user can access consumer center.

Multi-Users: Different Roles

  • Super User
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Purchase Managers
  • Purchase Representatives
  • Accountants
  • CEO
  • User-defined roles
Data Chain

Upstream-Downstream Data Chain

  • Upstream/downstream data sharing and privacy control:
    • Purchase demands
    • Inventory balances
    • Sales data and market trends
    • Logistics data
    • Consumer feedback
  • Data chain analytics
  • Supply chain optimization and automation


  • Support multiple sales departments or stores
  • Support geographical and customer pricing
  • One product supports multiple units of measure
  • Product barcodes: UPC, EAN13, EAN8, CODE 128
  • Sales taxes and VAT
  • POS, order and invoicing
  • Order status and logistics tracking
  • Order form design
  • Sales reporting


  • Support multiple warehouses
  • Begin balance, purchase, transfer, manufacture receipts, material issues, sales, gain and loss
  • Cost calculation methods: moving weighted average, monthly weighted average, FIFO, LIFO
  • Inventory take
  • Reorder alert
  • Inventory journals
  • Quantity and cost balances


  • Support unlimited suppliers
  • Purchase order progress tracking
  • Logistics tracking
  • Purchase invoices and payments
  • Purchase reporting

Why Cmobilecom?

  • Solutions for manufacture, service, global trade, franchise, etc.
  • Upstream-downstream data chain for rapid decision making, supply chain optimization and automation
  • Multiple languages and international currencies
  • Secure data and privacy control
  • Best benefit to cost ratio
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